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2023 Year-End Resources & Substations Map

Hello Spark community,

As we say goodbye to a dynamic year in our sector, we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season filled with positive (and clean!) energy. The Spark team is thrilled to present the final 2023 edition of SparkNotes, with exciting updates and resources.

A lot of you have brought up the concerns and bottlenecks of interconnection and transmission. In response to this, we have enriched the resource spreadsheet with links to various hosting capacity maps and interconnection queues.

Moreover, we've integrated over 5,000 hosting capacity data points from various California utilities into our database. We are continuing our efforts to compile comprehensive data on substations, feeder lines, and hosting capacities nationwide into a unified, accessible map.

Try it out at substations.sparkhq.ai!

Spark Substations Tool

Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have feature requests or wish to delve deeper into our roadmap, let's connect! Schedule a meeting here or simply reply to this email.

Before we sign off, here are our top clean energy reads from 2023. Perfect for some enlightening holiday reading 🙂

Top Reads of 2023

Thank you, and see you in 2024!

Julia & Tae